Lifetime Warranty
New Zealand

Thank you for purchasing your accessory

Registering your product

Thank you for purchasing your Pacificomm product, register your new product for a lifetime warranty please complete the registration page within 3 months of your purchase date.
Click on the 'Register' button below to ensure your product qualifies for the warranty. The standard 12 month warranty will apply if your product is not registered. 

Terms and Conditions apply. 



Making a Claim

If you have purchased your product inside of the standard product warranty period of 12 months then you can simply return, with proof of purchase, to the retailer you purchased your product from and they will swap this for a replacement. If the product is outside of the standard warranty period of 12 months and you have registered it for the lifetime warranty within 3 months of purchase, simply click on the below ‘make a claim’ button and complete the details and we will be in touch